Wheelchair Lift

Wheelchair Lifts Mean Independence – If you or a loved one has found it more difficult to move around your home, you know how debilitating this situation can be. If you’ve lived in a home with a staircase for years, it can be heartbreaking to have to think about moving out due to physical limitations. It can also be difficult if a loved one uses a wheelchair and wants to come to visit or stay with you since it is incredibly difficult for them to go upstairs. Wheelchair lifts can get rid of these difficulties and give you or a loved one a new sense of independence by being able to move around your own home without help.

Why Use a Wheelchair Lift?

We’ve already talked about some of the situations that can be remedied with the help of a wheelchair lift, but here are even more ways that these lifts can increase your quality of life:

  • Avoid MovingMost people don’t want to move out of their current home, especially if they’ve lived there for years. While it can seem to be a hefty investment to buy and install a wheelchair lift, is it really that much more costly than buying and moving to a new home?
  • Newfound IndependenceIt can take a toll on one’s mental health when they require help to do things like go upstairs, get into their home, etc. Wheelchair lifts empower those with disabilities to regain some independence and peace of mind.
  • SafetyTrying to move a person with disabilities upstairs without a wheelchair lift can be pretty dangerous and increase the chances of falls or injuries. Wheelchair lifts are designed to be a safe and easy way for persons with disabilities to move floors.
  • Time Efficient Having to transfer to and from a wheelchair and have someone carry or guide you upstairs can take a long time. This can become a very tiresome process to keep up over time. Your time is precious, and you shouldn’t have to waste so much of it moving between the first and second floors of your home.
  • Disabled Veterans – We have a special appreciation for the brave men and women who gave their all on the field of battle serving in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard.  Mobility in their own home or the home of  a parent  when they return shouldn’t be an issue they have to face when they return and a wheelchair lift or specialty  lift will help with the transition back to civilian life.

What Do We Offer?

If you are interested in buying a wheelchair lift, why should you choose us? Here are just a few of the benefits that we provide to our customers:

Cutting-Edge Technology- A+ elevators hold various patents on elevator and wheelchair lift technologies, so you can be sure that our products use the best materials and technology available.

Safety First- We ultimately put safety before all. All of our products come with safety features that are explained by our expert staff during the installment or purchase of the product. Wheelchair lifts are supposed to make you feel comfortable and safe, and we ensure that all of our products meet that standard.

Years of Experience- Our staff have a combined 130 years of elevator installment experience. We hire trained personnel with a variety of certifications including Certified Elevator Inspectors (QEI), Certified Elevator Technicians (CET), Certified Accessibility & Private Residence Lift Technicians (CAT), Licensed Elevator Mechanics and Licensed Elevator Electricians.