Limited Use/Limited Access (LULA) elevators

What is a LULA Elevator – Commercial Limited Use/Limited Access (LULA) elevators have become a new form of transportation for disabled persons in office buildings, universities, and even hospitals. Many people assume that a LULA elevator is the same as a traditional elevator, although that is not quite the case. Today we will show you what a LULA elevator is, why you might need one, and how we can help you find and install the right elevator for you and your business.

What’s the Difference Between LULA Elevators and Regular Elevators?

At first glance, a LULA elevator looks quite similar to a regular commercial elevator. However, there are a few key differences that you need to know when thinking about purchasing a LULA elevator:

  • A LULA elevator is usually much smaller than a commercial elevator, as its sole purpose is to lift up persons who are disabled or could not otherwise use a staircase.
  • LULA elevators typically only have 18 square feet of cabin space (as opposed to a typical elevator with 22 square feet), with a weight capacity of a mere 1400 lbs (compared to 2200-2500 weight limits found in most commercial elevators). These are smaller elevators designed only for use by one or two persons with disabilities along with wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, etc.
  • LULA elevators are often much cheaper than commercial elevators and easier to install, so they can be a great option for accessibility when a wheelchair lift might not be viable and commercial elevators are too expensive.

Why would I need a LULA elevator?

Since LULA elevators are designed for limited use and limited access, why would you ever need one anyway? The biggest reason you might need to install a LULA elevator is if you currently have a wheelchair lift that is not working for your building. Wheelchair lifts can be great for the home but the limited amount of weight they can carry and how slowly they lift can become a problem if you have a lot of foot traffic in the building. LULA elevators are a good compromise between a commercial elevator and a wheelchair lift, giving more power and speed than a traditional lift while costing way less to install and maintain compared to a commercial elevator.

Why Choose Us?

If you do decide on getting a LULA elevator, you may wonder why you should choose us. Below are only a few of the services and benefits we provide to our customers:

  • 130 combined years of elevator experience on our staff, including Certified Elevator Inspectors (QEI), Certified Elevator Technicians (CET), Certified Accessibility & Private Residence Lift Technicians (CAT), Licensed Elevator Mechanics and License Elevator Electricians.
  • The highest quality products with safety at the forefront, all at reasonable pricing.
  • Our staff can walk you through every step of the elevator purchasing process including financing, installment, and maintenance.

But we also believe in letting our customers speak for us and our commitment to providing the best products and service money can buy. If you have any questions or want to inquire about one of our LULA elevators, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.