Types of Commercial Freight Lifts – If you move heavy materials at your place of business, you likely know how important freight lifts are to your operations. If you are in the market for a freight lift, you need to know what type of lift works best for your needs. Today we’re going to go over some of the most common types of freight lifts and what they are typically used for.

M1504 Freight Lifts

The M1504 freight lift is used to move different types of materials up multiple levels. These lifts can transport up to 1000 pounds, can make up to 4 stops during their rise and can lift materials up to 23 feet high. These lifts are great for lifting building materials at a construction site, medical equipment at hospitals or clinics, and can even be used in multi-story homes. This freight lift is more affordable than more advanced lifts and can also lift much more material than a simple dumbwaiter could.

M1504 Freight Lifts

Hydraulic Vertical Freight Lifts

The hydraulic vertical lift is a more expensive freight lift, but it also comes with a lot more speed and power. These lifts have a capacity of 8000 pounds, with carriage sizes of up to 12 by 10 feet and vertical rises of up to 24 feet. These lifts have a pressure switch to prevent the carriage from slipping or sinking, and velocity fuses prevent uncontrollable descent if hoses fail. These lifts are even designed to stop mid climb during power loss to prevent falling and damaging of materials. Not only are these lifts powerful, but they are made with safety as a priority so you won’t need to worry about any accidents. These lifts are great for lifting heavier objects like vehicles in showrooms, machinery in construction sites, and heavier boxes or machinery in warehouses.

Package Handling Material Lifts

The package handling lift is exactly like the name implies, a lift designed for moving packages and boxes. It is designed for lighter loads of up to 500 pounds, with a smaller carriage of 3 by 3 feet. These lifts have some of the same safety measures as hydraulic vertical lifts. These lifts are perfect for any business that needs to move packages up multiple levels. You can find them in warehouses, office buildings, showrooms, department stores, etc. These lifts are primarily for indoor use, so keep that in mind.

Mechanical Vertical Lifts

The mechanical vertical lift is the best of the best in lifting power and speed. Being able to lift up to a whopping 50,000 pounds, with carriage sizes that can be adjusted based on your needs. These lifts utilize heavy-duty roller chains to deal with such heavy loads, and there are safety cams at each corner of the car to prevent uncontrollable descent (in the unlikely event of chain failure). These lifts can be used indoors or outdoors and can come with a weather-resistant coating or rust prevention materials. These lifts can even be outfitted to be explosion proof for transporting dangerous or flammable packages.

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