Elevator Service and Repair from A+ Elevators & Lifts is dedicated to providing each of our customers with the most professional and personal care of their elevator or lift by ensuring that our customer’s safety comes first. All elevator and lift systems, like any moving machinery, requires regular maintenance and adjustments. That is why A+ Elevators & Lifts has created a Preventative Maintenance Program to ensure that all elevators and lifts maintained operate at the highest quality, reliability and safety possible. All our technicians are certified and factory trained on every piece of equipment we touch and require annual training to maintain their certifications. This level of professionalism gives our customers the worry-free confidence in their investments. A+ Elevators & Lifts is proud to provide you with local technicians throughout Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana.

Every customer as well as equipment type has different needs and requirements. Therefore, a standard maintenance program cannot accommodate every piece of equipment that we maintain. Because everyone’s needs are different, A+ can tailor-design a program that will meet your specific needs and budget. By having your equipment properly maintained through one of our maintenance programs, this will extend the life of your equipment, provide it with a higher safety rating and assure its reliability, year after year.

At A+, it’s not just about “repairing” the problem. It’s about providing our customers with an “A+” approach to your situation. Because of this, our technicians comprehensively search for areas that could potentially create future equipment failure or passenger entrapment. We use a fault monitoring systems that allows our technicians to correct problematic issues that you may not even be aware exist, but could create failures down the road. Our ultimate goal is to “prevent” avoidable equipment failure and keep you safe.

Common Maintenance Procedures Include

  • Monthly, quarterly, bi-yearly or yearly visits
  • Examination and lubrication of all seals and bearings
  • Lighting replacement
  • Examination, testing and adjustment of all safety equipment
  • Research and corrective actions for problematic areas
  • General housekeeping/cleaning
  • Maintenance tasks and record logs
  • Emergency entrapment response (24/7)
  • Fully honored factory parts warranty
  • Non-scheduled and/or after-hours visits
  • Annual Safety testing (category 1)

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