Commercial LULA Elevators


The LULA (Limited Use / Limited Application) is an elevator designed for low-rise building applications. With the same features you would expect in a high-rise elevator, this system provides comfort and luxury in every aspect. The LULA is well-suited for use in schools, churches and temples, restaurants, lodges and professional offices up to 25′ or less of vertical rise. LULA elevators are an excellent way to add value to and increase accessibility in your building.

Lula Elevator

Although these elevators are intended for limited use, they are engineered and manufactured using the same criteria developed through decades of experience in commercial and industrial elevator systems. The LULA is a cost-effective solution to ADA-compliant accessibility that meets state and national codes for LULA elevators.

Car Sizes

– 48″ wide x 54″ long x 84″ tall
– 42″ wide x 60″ long x 84″ tall
– 51″ wide x 51″ long x 84″ tall (90-degree applications)

Standard Features

– Commercial and residential applications
– Fully automatic operation
– Automatic on/off interior lighting
– 1400 lbs capacity
– Up to 25′ vertical rise
– 30 ft/min nominal speed
– 5 hp submersed motor/pump
– Electronic variable speed valve for smooth start/stop
– 1:2 cable hydraulic drive
– 14″ minimum pit
– 134″ minimum overhead (120″ in existing buildings)
– 208VAC 3-phase (30A) or 240VAC 1-phase (40A), 60 Hz
– Brushed stainless steel fixtures
– Hands-free ADA-compliant phone
– Emergency battery backup
– Emergency stop and alarm buttons
– Emergency manual lowering
– Safeties (emergency braking system to prevent free-fall)

Optional Features

– Raised panel laminate interior
– Brass fixtures
– Up to 6 stops (code permitting)
– Two-speed fire-rated steel doors with infrared door closing sensors in black, white or stainless steel
– Swing-type landing doors
– Overspeed governor
– Fire recall service
– Buffer springs

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