Expand your vision of what a home elevator can be. In partnership with A+ Elevators & Lifts, Vuelift by Savaria is a masterpiece of art and engineering; a stand-alone elevator that does not require a hoistway to be constructed by a general contractor. It’s footprint is smaller than a traditional elevator making it a wise choice for new construction and renovations. Its typical placement within a home creates a stunning atmosphere as it becomes an aesthetically appealing focal centerpiece in the home.

Available in round and octagonal, Vuelift’s 360-degree unobstructed panoramic viewing capability creates a stunning experience for the passengers. Available in standard selection of powder coat finishes, this doesn’t limit what Vuelift has to offer. It can be finished in virtually any color imaginable. Driven by an energy-efficient geared winding drum motor, Vuelift is capable of safely lifting 950 lbs and configurable up to 6 stops with 42-1/2 feet of vertical travel. Vuelift is an ideal option when you desire a unique focal point in your home. We stand behind our workmanship with a three-year warranty.

Vuelift Features

– 1.5hp geared winding drum machine
– 840 lbs. lift capacity standard (950 lbs. optional)
– 32 FPM nominal operating speed (40 FPM optional)
– In-line, thru-car or 90-degree cab configurations
– 84 in. ceiling height (76.5 in. optional for low ceiling applications)
– Cab size: 12.83 sq ft
– Battery operated emergency operating system
– Battery operated emergency lighting
– 2-6 stops with up to 42.5 feet of travel
– Loads are transferred to the pit floor through the guide rails

Vuelift Home Elevator - A+ Elevators and Lifts
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Vuelift Home Elevator - A+ Elevators and Lifts
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