A+ ELEVATORS & LIFTS, in partnership with Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators LLC, provides a unique style of elevator, one that is powered by an abundant resource that is all around us… AIR. The Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator (PVE) is one of the most economically friendly and “green” systems available anywhere. The PVE aluminum and polycarbonate self-supporting tubular design allows for complete installation in only a few days, a fraction of the time compared with a traditional elevator. Available in three sizes, the PVE utilizes a smaller footprint than other elevators. Although installed in many new construction homes, the PVE’s versatility allows it to be easily adapted into an existing home with minimal modifications to the home’s structure.

pneumatic vacuum drive elevator

PVE Models

  • PVE30 – 1-person, 30″ diameter, 350 lbs capacity, 30 FPM travel speed
  • PVE37 – 2-person, 37″ diameter, 450 lbs capacity, 30 FPM travel speed
  • PVE52 – 3-person, 52″ diameter, 525 lbs capacity, 20 FPM travel speed, wheelchair accessible

PVE Features

  • – Pitless design – no pit required
  • – Self-supporting structure
  • – 360-degree visibility
  • – Battery operated emergency operating system
  • – Battery operated emergency lighting
  • – Safety braking in the event of pressure failure
  • – 2-5 stops with up to 50 feet of travel
  • – Optional folding seat in car (37″ model only)
  • – Available in six colors:
    • Grey
    • Light Grey
    • Silver
    • White
    • Black
    • Taupe
PVE Features - A+ Elevators and Lifts