When only the best will do, A+ Elevators & Lifts gearless traction drive system is a smart choice. Based on the technology used in high-rise commercial elevators, this drive system utilizes a permanent-magnent gearless motor resulting in an extremely smooth ride quality while operating at nearly silent sound levels. It’s luxury from start to stop. We stand behind our workmanship with a five-year warranty.

Gearless Traction Standard Features

– 1hp Permanent-magnet gearless motor
– 950 lbs. lift capacity standard
– 40 FPM nominal operating speed (up to 60 FPM on certain models)
– Programmable micro-processor control system
– Custom cab to match the décor of your home
– Patented Child-Safe Tambour Car Door System
– Cab size: up to 15 sq. feet
– Battery operated emergency operating system
– Battery operated emergency lighting
– 2-6 stops with up to 50 feet of travel
– Loads are transferred to the pit floor through the guide rails
– Separate machine room with location flexibility

Gearless traction elevator

Optional Features

– Exotic cab upgrades to compliment the décor of your home
– Multi-speed Horizontally Sliding Car Door System(s)
– Multi-speed Horizontally Sliding Hoistway Door Systems
– Automated Car Door System(s)
– Automated Hoistway Door Systems
– Custom control integration in your homes “Smart Home” system
– Security Systems
– Key locks
– Keypads
– Interfaces to external security systems

gearless drive elevator
gearless drive elevator interior
gearless drive elevator