Traditional gear-driven elevators utilize a 90°-Style gear box configuration. This gear box configuration, by default, uses very large internal gear assemblies, increasing operating sound levels within the home.

A+ ELEVATORS & LIFTS uses an in-line style gear box, reducing internal gears, thus reducing the amount of friction within the gear box. This reduction in friction brings very high benefits to the homeowner by reducing operation sound levels by more than 50%, in addition to adding to the long-term reliability of the gear box and motor systems.

As the highest-quality gear-drive elevator available, this will satisfy all of your expectations. It gives you increased mobility, added convenience, and a smooth ride. We stand behind our workmanship with a five-year warranty.

Direct Gear Drive System elevator

Direct-Gear Standard Features:

  • Direct-Gear Drive
  • 950 lbs. lift capacity standard
  • 40 FPM nominal operating speed
  • Programmable solid state control with VVVF drive
  • Custom cab to match the décor of your home
  • Cab size: up to 18 sq. feet
  • Battery operated emergency operating system
  • Battery operated emergency lighting
  • 2-8 stops with up to 50 feet of travel
  • Compact machine design saves floor space
  • Deflector sheaves and machine mount to the rails
  • Loads are transferred to the pit floor through the guide rails

Optional Features:

  • Exotic cab upgrades to compliment the décor of your home
  • Multi-speed Horizontally Sliding Car Door System(s)
  • Multi-speed Horizontally Sliding Hoistway Door Systems
  • Automated Car Door System(s)
  • Automated Hoistway Door Systems
  • Custom control integration in your homes “Smart Home” system
  • Security Systems
    • Key locks
    • Keypads
    • Interfaces to external security systems