A+ ELEVATORS & LIFTS brings the highest quality elevator systems to home owners in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana. Utilizing only the best-in-quality gearless, electro-hydraulic, direct-gear or pneumatic vacuum drive systems brings unmatched quality and reliability to your home.

A residential elevator adds permanent value to your home; this sets it apart from other electrical and mechanical systems in any well appointed home. On average, a home with a high-quality elevator has the potential to increase the value by as much as 10%. If a need to sell the home arises, a home with an elevator expands your market for potential buyers; mobility is not an issue. Regardless of who is looking to purchase, a multi-level home with an elevator keeps the market wide open and thus, more opportunity to sell.

Ride in style!!! Every homeowner has a different vision. We offer enough options and accessories to help homeowners turn their dream elevators into reality. Choose from the four different drive systems that best suit your desires and needs (Gearless, Electro-Hydraulic, Direct-Gear or Pneumatic Vacuum Drive). Meet with one of our design professionals to choose the right cab, fixtures and finish to compliment your home.