Home Elevators by A+ ELEVATORS & LIFTS brings the highest quality elevator systems to home owners in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana and Nevada. Utilizing only the best-in-quality gearless, electro-hydraulic, direct-gear or pneumatic vacuum drive systems we bring an unmatched level of quality and reliability to your home. As the premier home elevator specialists and wheelchair lift engineers we are able to improve anyones ability to access the upper floors or basement as needed. We love to improve the quality of life for those who are not as mobile as they once were, whether from age or illness we are able to install a perfect home elevator system or wheelchair lift to change their life and keep them in the home as long as possible.

A residential elevator adds permanent value to your home; this sets it apart from other electrical and mechanical systems in any well appointed home. On average, a home with a high-quality elevator has the potential to increase the value by as much as 10%. If a need to sell the home arises, a home with an elevator expands your market for potential buyers; mobility is not an issue. Regardless of who is looking to purchase, a multi-level home with an elevator keeps the market wide open and thus, more opportunity to sell. With an aging society this type of access in a home becomes a tremendous selling feature.

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Ride in style!!! Every homeowner has a different vision. We offer enough options and accessories to help homeowners turn their dream elevators into reality. Choose from the four different drive systems that best suit your desires and needs (Gearless, Electro-Hydraulic, Direct-Gear or Pneumatic Vacuum Drive). Meet with one of our design professionals to choose the right cab, fixtures and finish to compliment your home.

Imagine the ease with which you can access all the floors in your home when you have a residential elevator. Go from the basement or garage to the first floor to the top floor swiftly and quietly. A home elevator is a convenience everyone would get if they could. Why should you get a home elevator?

1. Residential elevators let you remain in your home for longer.

Most homeowners install elevators because of a mobility issue. Whether you have a chronic or progressive medical condition, a home elevator can make your life infinitely easier.

For many of our customers, residential elevators are preferable to wheelchair lifts on stairways. One reason is because if you live with others, you don’t have to worry about the space that a wheelchair lift takes up. Home elevators are also much more attractive than wheelchair lifts, and they’re useful to everyone.

While a small home elevators are an investment, in many ways, they can save homeowners money. Regardless of your age or why you have a mobility issue, a home without an elevator may be unnavigable. Without a home elevator, your only option may be to move from your home to a handicapped-accessible apartment or an assisted living facility. Either of these options is infinitely more expensive than living at home — and less preferable as well. Stay in your own home and save money by installing an affordable home elevator.

2. A residential elevator makes your home more attractive to buyers.

While most home shoppers probably don’t have residential elevator on their list of needs and wants, they are only too happy to find a home that already has an elevator. Stylish glass and wood elevators especially add value to homes.

When you sell your home, you’ll recoup some of the money you spent installing a residential elevator.

3. The convenience of a home elevator can’t be beat.

Allocating space inside your home for an elevator can be challenging in a small space, but A+ Elevators & Lifts can build your residential elevator on the exterior of your home. We can show you options for areas to locate your elevator, depending upon whether you want to feature it as a focal point or place it unobtrusively in the back.

A small home elevator takes up less space than you may think, so if you prefer to have your elevator next to your stairs or in another area inside your home, our home elevator installers can show you options for that as well.

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