Courtroom Wheelchair Lifts – In partnership with Lift-U, a division of Hogan Manufacturing, A+ Elevators & Lifts offers a unique style of wheelchair lift which provides unparalleled access to staff and witness stand areas in a courtroom. Designed for persons with a physical disability or impairment, a courtroom wheelchair lift allows such persons to fulfill their legal obligations in court, providing complete access to staff or witness stand areas without drawing unnecessary attention to the user or disrupting court proceedings.

With models available for pit and non-pit applications, the courtroom lift by Lift-U is the right choice for every courtroom. It’s an ideal solution for new construction and remodels when ADA upgrades are required.

The Accessor I lift is designed to be installed in pitless applications.
The Accessor II lift is designed to be installed in pitted applications.

The Accessor I and Accessor II wheelchair lifts are intended to be fully integrated into the architectural design of the courtroom or building structure. After the lift is installed during the construction phase, the projects finish woodworker will install pre-designed panels to seamlessly integrate the lift into the rest of woodwork in the building.

The Accessor family of lifts is quite and simple to use. It’s fully electric design eliminates the use of hydraulic equipment like other units on the market.

This offers substantial benefits for long-term maintenance where hydraulic leaks are no longer a concern and regular maintenance intervals are extended due to many of the “maintenance-free” items included in its design.

  • ADA Compliant
  • ASME A18.1 Compliant
  • Witness Lifts
  • Judge Bench Lifts
  • Jury Access Lifts
  • Clerk Station Lifts
  • Custom Lift Applications

Courtroom Lifts
Courtroom Lifts
Courtroom Lifts
Courtroom Lifts