From the early 1900’s, elevator car door systems have rarely been designed family and child safety in mind. Minimum functionality and cost were predominant in the mind of the designer.

CABCO’s Tambour Wrap-Around Door System addresses both the quality and safety for the homeowner. Meeting all commercial elevator system codes and exceeding residential elevator requirements, you have peace of mind you have the safest car door system available today.

In addition, the Tambour Wrap-Around Car Door System allows for an additional 2 sq. ft. of interior car space – other door systems cannot provide this.


Using the same quality and child-safe focus as our Tambour Wrap-Around Gate System, the Multi-Speed Door System offers the option of utilizing this door system with your current swing-type doors in the home, or you can omit the swing-type doors and utilize this system with fully automated multi-speed doors in the hoistway.

With fully finished recessed door panels to match interior design of the cab and home, this door system is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but also serves as the highest quality and residential door system available today.


Although we prefer not to use accordion folding door system, we offer this door system to select clients whose care to budget is in mind.

Even though this door system does not offer all the safety features of the tambour or multi-speed door systems, it is a popular option for residential elevators and economically priced as such.


The Scissor Gate style of car door is typically reserved for aesthetic décor to match a home’s general design, or specifically by request from an architect or homeowner. Many safety concerns have to be taken into consideration when choosing this door system. In general, additional safety equipment is typically added to the elevator system to bring the safety rating of this door system up to an appropriate level.