Whether you are building or updating your forever home, a panoramic glass Savaria Vuelift home elevator can add functionality and style to your home.

This elevator comes in round or octagonal that offers 360 degrees of sight to the user. It allows for unobstructed views on every floor. It has a choice of three primary colors, but any color can be ordered. The three main colors are white, black, and silver.

How does it work?

The Savaria vuelift glass panoramic elevator works with a geared winding drum. It will lift the standard 840 pounds or 950 pounds. It has a battery-operated emergency and emergency lighting system, so if the power goes out, you will never need to worry.

It can have two to six stops with 42.5 feet of travel. Which means you can get from the basement to the attic in your home without a problem.

You can see 360 degrees from the elevator car, so you will always know what is going on around you. It makes it easier to fit in any area of the home. It also does not need a general contractor to build the elevator hoistway in the house.

The benefits of a glass elevator

There are many benefits to an elevator in your home; especially, a glass elevator.

  • Solves mobility issues
  • Adds style and functionality
  • Improves the equity of your home
  • Sale advantage when you decide to sell
  • Smaller footprint making the best choice for new construction and remodeling
  • Hoistway does not need a general contractor to build it

Many of us never consider what we would do if we were to get hurt and couldn’t climb the stairs for a substantial amount of time. In fact, We do not think about getting older and how mobile we will be as we age. Military families must consider “what will happen if my soldier becomes disabled, will he or she be able to climb the stairs”? In many cases, our veterans return unable to climb stairs safely. An elevator, can provide a veteran with greater mobility and safety, and allows him or her to engage in family life more fully.

If you are building or renovating your forever home, it makes sense to take these issues into consideration. If you have an elevator in your home, you will be able to remain in your home for years and years to come, no matter what physical health issues may come your way; knowing that can bring you peace of mind that you will never have to move out of your home.

Another benefit of a home elevator is that it makes it much easier to get seasonal items and decorations down from the upper floors to the main level. You no longer have to climb the stairs with a basket of clean laundry, either. The elevator can make your life safer doing the everyday things you need to do, from cleaning the home to getting stuff out of storage.


Where can I get a panoramic glass elevator? A Plus Elevators located in Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada can help you with sales, installation, and service of a Savaria Vuelift panoramic glass elevator.

What if the power goes out? With the Savaria Vuelift panoramic elevator, there is a battery emergency system and emergency lighting, so if the power goes out, you will never be stuck in your lift.

I don’t need an elevator right now why should I put one in now? It adds to resell value to your home; it is there should you ever be hurt or become ill and will be there working for you as you age and become less stable on your feet when climbing stairs.

What if my Savaria Vuelift quits working? A Plus Elevator technician will come and work to have it fixed for you in no time.

Who installs the elevator, do I need a specialized contractor? A Plus Elevator will install your lift, there is no need for a general contractor since the elevator does not need to be hidden. A Plus helps through the whole process, from sales to installation and maintenance.

How big is the elevator car space? The space in the elevator is 12.83 square feet. This means it will accommodate a wheelchair, totes or boxes of decorations and many other types of items, but do not go over the maximum weight allotment.


If you are looking to improve your home’s value, increase your mobility, or make your forever home a true forever home, contact A Plus Elevators for a consultation. We will work with you from sales through installation and maintenance, adding style and functionality to your home.

A Plus Elevator can help you make sure that your forever home has a safe alternative to the stairs.