Pneumatic Home Elevator

Is a pneumatic home elevator the right choice for you? That will depend on several factors. Two of those factors are they are low-maintenance and saves energy.

If you are concerned about the environment and saving energy, then a pneumatic home elevator is the right choice for you.

Choosing a pneumatic home elevator

If you are building or renovating your dream home, then a home elevator should be considered. When selecting a lift, consider the following:

  • Budget
  • Maintenance
  • Energy expense
  • Safety
  • Installation

A Plus Elevators can help you determine if a pneumatic elevator is a right choice for you. Our staff will explain the difference in conveyors, energy usage, installation needs, and the safety of the lift. We can help you determine which size you need from one person to three.

A pneumatic elevator is more budget-friendly than other lifts as it does not need special housing or a room constructed, so you save money on construction costs; plus, they use very little energy, which lowers operating costs.

How does a pneumatic elevator work

A pneumatic elevator uses air pressure to move the car between floors. The easiest example of this idea is the tubes at the bank drive up. For a lift the air pressure is much stronger.

The vacuum mechanism creates low and high pressure in the tube, when the lift gets the signal it is to go up the vacuum pumps change the air pressure below or above the lift to make it move up or down. When it gets near the floor it wants, the vacuum will create the same amount of pressure on either end of the car making it stop. Then a steel brake secures it in place until it gets the signal to move up or down again.

This system is extremely safe. It also takes up less room than a regular elevator. The smaller foot print makes it fit well into small homes or offices. So if you have a small home you can still have a lift. A Plus Elevators can help you determine the best place to install your elevator without taking up space. Lower cost installation is a plus as there are no special contractors needed to install this elevator.

For elderly, those in wheelchairs, or with prosthetic limbs a pneumatic elevator can increase their mobility. It can allow them to stay in their home without having to move their bedroom downstairs or sleep on a sofa because they do not have room for a bedroom downstairs. The fact they can stay in their room makes them feel they are still part of the family; reducing the depression they may already have.

The benefits of pneumatic lifts

What are the benefits of a pneumatic lift?

  • Space-saving no particular room needed
  • No pit
  • Self-supporting structure
  • A battery-operated emergency system including emergency lighting
  • Up to 50 feet of travel with 2 to 5 stops
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Safety braking in the event of pressure failure
  • Adds value to the house
  • Provides more mobility for family members
  • Energy saving
  • Low maintenance costs

A pneumatic elevator can usually be installed in two to three days. It does not require a specialized contractor to change walls in order to hide the mechanisms or gears. Imagine having 360 degrees of vision while riding up or down between floors on your elevator, bypassing the stairs that can be dangerous, especially for older people.

Also, think of the ease with which you can take seasonal items from storage in the attic to the main floor, or a basket of clean clothes going up a level to put them away. You can comfortably and safely get these items from one story to another with ease.

The safety features of the battery emergency system, emergency lighting, and steel brakes to lock if air pressure is lost, you never have to be afraid to use your elevator. Being low maintenance, you won’t have to worry about costly repair bills either.

Where can I buy a pneumatic lift?

A Plus Elevators sells and installs pneumatic elevators in six states, Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and Wyoming. Contact us for a consultation to see if a pneumatic lift may be the right choice for your home.

A Plus will walk you through the entire process, from sales to installation. We will even set up a maintenance schedule with you. An A Plus tech will come by and inspect the system to make sure everything is working safely and correctly.

Just remember, you will get a 360-degree direct sight view, a safe lift, and low costs for installation, operation, and repair that will fit into your home or office, providing for better mobility for those who need it.