Home Elevators Solve Mobility Issues

Home Elevators Solve Mobility Issues – Your kitchen is on the ground floor. The master bedroom is located on the second level, and your favorite escape is a room situated high above it all on your home’s top floor. In the past, you traveled between them with ease, but mobility issues related to injury or aging are slowing you down now. While you could forgo your favorite spaces and limit yourself to one floor of your home or move to a smaller property, you don’t have to. Home elevators solve mobility issues, allowing you to stay safely, comfortably and stylishly in the home that you already own.

Home Elevators on the Rise

What makes a home elevator such an elegant solution to a mobility issue? For starters, it makes it simple for those who are unable to safely climb stairs to move between levels, offering welcome freedom and facilitating senior mobility so that it’s easier to age in place. Plus, new and improved designs that blend artistry and engineering ensure that users can enjoy smooth functioning without any aesthetic sacrifice. Are you concerned about property values? Don’t be. Installing a home elevator can increase your home’s value by some 10%. In fact, it may make it easier to sell your property when the time comes. After all, concerns about senior mobility are common, and having a home elevator that improves accessibility enhances your home’s appeal.

Exploring the Possibilities

A custom home elevator isn’t a boring, one-size-fits-all appliance. It is an opportunity to create something special by fulfilling a practical need in a stylish fashion. Exotic cab upgrades allow you to match the elevator to your current d├ęcor as you choose from various sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Meanwhile, vital safety features like battery-operated emergency systems ensure that you can always depend on your home elevator. You also have several drive systems to choose, so you can opt for the one that best suits your preferences and your space:

  • Gearless Drive System. Capitalizing on the same tech used in high-rises, a gearless drive elevator moves smoothly and almost soundlessly between floors thanks to a permanent-magnet gearless motor.
  • Electro-hydraulic Drive System. When comfort is a priority, a state-of-the-art electronic variable valve assembly delivers a smoother ride and amazing reliability.
  • Direct Gear Drive System. This time-tested technology is even better when internal gear assemblies are reconfigured to decrease friction, improve longevity and reduce the sound of gears turning by 50% so that users enjoy a quiet, comfortable ride.
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Drive System. A pneumatic elevator harnesses the power of air pressure to make traveling between level simple, comfortable, economical and environmentally friendly. Thanks to its clever, self-supporting tubular design the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator functions in a smaller footprint. Plus, this pneumatic elevator installs quickly, reducing disruption.

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