A+ Elevators Service and Repair Excellence

Elevators Service and Repair Excellence – We would all love if elevators or wheelchair lifts never had any issues, but anyone that’s ever owned one knows that is not the case. Maintenance and repair are a fact of life when it comes to machinery and any piece of equipment that gets significant usage, and home elevators are no exception. This is why we have created our Preventative Maintenance Program for all of our client’s service and repair needs. We’ll get into some of the most common procedures that you might need to do to your elevator or lift over time, and end by discussing what benefits our Preventative Maintenance Program gives to our customers.

Elevator Maintenance

Preventative maintenance should be at the forefront of your elevator service routine.  You don’t want to wait until there is a problem with your elevator, because that could lead to accidents or injuries that nobody wants. This involves testing the safety features, buttons, and mechanical operations of your home elevator. Make sure that you leave the maintenance to the professionals, as they will when something is wrong and know how to fix it. Trying to maintain your elevator yourself could lead you to miss some signs of a problem that could cause an accident down the road.

Common Reasons for Elevator Repairs

While preventative maintenance should prevent many issues, sometimes there will be issues that will need immediate repair. Here are some signs that your elevator might need some repairs:

  • Mid-Leveling- Mid-leveling refers to the situation of your home elevator stopping above or below your floor destination. When the door of the cab opens the floor of the elevator should be aligned with the floor of your home, otherwise, your elevator is mid-leveling. Mid-leveling is often a sign of brake wear, and it is imperative that you contact a professional right away before your brake system is permanently damaged.
  • Unusual Noises- One of the easiest signs for elevator owners to see is loud or strange noises when riding the elevator. There are many reasons your elevator may be making a weird noise, but it usually is an issue with the elevator cables or pulley system. Our expert technicians will be able to diagnose the problem and adjust the pulleys and cables to prevent any noise (or future damage).
  • Speed issues- Your elevator rides should be smooth sailing. If your elevator slows down significantly, jerks and jolts when climbing and descending, or takes forever to come to a stop, there is more than likely a problem. If these problems are major, it could be a sign that your elevator needs to be replaced. However, this is why you should call a professional. They will know whether these changes in speed are a fixable problem or if it is cheaper to replace the elevator completely.

Our Preventative Maintenance Program

Here are some of the things our Preventative Maintenance Program gives to our customers:

  • Customized maintenance schedules based on client’s equipment and budget
  • Certified and factory trained technicians that can repair and diagnose any piece of machinery you get from us
  • We put safety before all else, which is why we use a fault monitoring system to catch any potential problems with your elevator so you don’t have to worry about dangerous situations in the future

Even if we didn’t install your home elevator we are happy to help maintain it and have techs in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana and Nevada.