Home Elevator Installers for West Valley City, Utah

Wheelchair users must endure many inconveniences and hardships while out and about, and we believe they shouldn’t have to contend unnecessarily with any issues in their own home. At A+ Elevators & Lifts, we install elevators for homes in West Valley City and throughout northern Utah. We help make homes more accessible for our clients.

Home Elevators Are More Affordable Than You Think

When you think of a residential home equipped with an elevator, you may think of a mansion or other fancy abode. But in reality, home elevators are simply practical for anyone with mobility challenges.

While some people’s need for a wheelchair develops slowly over time, oftentimes it is the result of an accident, medical diagnosis or another unplanned event. It is expensive, inconvenient and unnecessary to move away from your home once you begin using a wheelchair. Our home elevator installers can make your life at home easier.

A home elevator raises home values up to 10%. The average home price in West Valley City is $400,000, so the increase is substantial. Depending on the type of residential elevator you choose, your increased home values may exceed the total you pay for an affordable home elevator.

West Valley City

West Valley City, Utah

Residential Elevators Are Attractive

When you make the decision to get an elevator for your home, you can locate it anywhere you wish — it doesn’t have to be near the stairs. You can also customize it however you want, choosing wood, glass or whatever material you like. Many of the residential elevators we build are works of art that make West Valley City homes more beautiful.

Elevators for Homes Are Safe

While well-designed wheelchair lifts are rugged and safe to use, the ones with open constructions may make some wheelchair users less comfortable than a residential elevator, simply due to their design. An elevator is akin to a room, and riding inside of an elevator is a very different experience than being transported on a platform.

Additionally, weight limits are significantly higher for elevators. Thus, a caregiver or relative could ride the elevator with the wheelchair user, further promoting their comfort.

Home Elevators Build Independence

Being able to navigate your West Valley City home is an integral part of living in it. Having to depend on others for assistance can impact your confidence and your perspective. A home elevator makes a big difference in a wheelchair user’s life, allowing access to all the floors in your home quickly and easily.

The easier it is to stay at your home, the longer you can remain there. Regardless of your age or health challenge, most people feel happier and more comfortable in their own homes, and it is much cheaper to live at home than in a residence that provides assistance.

West Valley City Home Elevator Installers

Improve your life — and your property values — by getting a small home elevator installed. A+ Elevators & Lifts installs small home elevators for clients in West Valley City and throughout northern Utah.

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