Elevators for Salt Lake City Homes

Are you thinking about installing a residential elevator for you or a loved one at your Salt Lake City home? A+ Elevators & Lifts installs affordable home elevators for clients throughout Salt Lake City and beyond. Additionally, we install LULA elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and freight lifts.

Residential Elevators Are Safe

Residential elevators provide a reliably safe mode of transportation that can be important to some wheelchair users. Open-style wheelchair lifts, while completely safe, do not always provide wheelchair users with the sense of security they get with a residential elevator.

The residential elevators we install at A+ Elevators & Lifts provide a smooth, quiet ride, which makes wheelchair users feel more comfortable and confident.

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Small Home Elevators Take Up Little Space

Depending on the size of your Salt Lake City home and where you intend to locate your small home elevator, it may take up less space than you imagine. You may want to locate your residential elevator shaft on the outside of your home and install access doors on each floor. The beauty of a small home elevator is that you can choose to locate it wherever you like — you are not limited to the stair area.

Elevators increase SLC Home Values

The average home in Salt Lake City is valued at about $570,000. A residential elevator adds value to your home — as much as 10%, according to some estimates. Depending upon the type of residential elevator you choose, your appreciated home values could cover the cost of home elevator installation, making it more affordable.

Residential Elevators Are Attractive

Check out our gallery to see some of the beautiful home elevators we have built for clients. When you hire home elevator installers, you can customize the design of your elevator exactly as you wish. You may choose to feature it as a focal point at the front of your home, or you may opt for a utilitarian design and have it installed in a less conspicuous area.

Elevators for Homes Promote Independence

Regardless of why a wheelchair user is in a wheelchair or what their age is, their goal is to retain as much of their independence as possible, and residential elevators help tremendously with this. No transfers are necessary, and operation is simple. A small home elevator allows wheelchair users to access all floors of the home quickly and easily without assistance. This means they can remain in their own home longer, which is always preferable to assisted living or other similar options.

Those who are able to live independently and act with agency for longer periods of time are happier and more productive.

Home Elevator Installers in SLC

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