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A+ Elevators and Lifts is pleased to have been featured in the Park City, Utah issue of Western Home Journal. As one of the largest residential and commercial dealers in Utah, we service the home elevator and lift needs for the entire state of Utah from Saint George to Logan and the entire Wasatch front.

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Utah Unique Advantages of a Home Elevator

Utah Home Elevators – For those living in Utah and getting older. You may begin noticing the aches and pains that go with aging. You might want to consider the best way to address the problem to stay in your home.

If you have a multistory home; to stay in the house, a home elevator or one of our highly rated wheelchair lifts may be the best solution for you. Home elevators have unique advantages for elderly or those with mobility issues at a young age.

Utah may be the youngest in the age of its population right now, but that will not last. As baby boomers retire, the older people in Utah will rise. Now is the time to plan for your retirement years. And where you will be living out those retirement years.

Even if you are in your thirties and building your dream home, consider the peace of mind an elevator offers you. There are several reasons to consider an elevator as you construct your home. These include staying in your home as you age, and it adds value to your home.

Utah mountains

Utah housing

Utah housing

Housing in Utah runs from single-family homes to large homes with several generations living together. Then there are luxury and resort communities with amenities, adult 55+ communities. Also, a number of assisted living and nursing homes for retirees.

Anyone of these community-building areas may interest you, depending on where you are in life. Those in their thirties, may want something in the luxury or resort communities to better fit their lifestyle. But if you are older, you may want to look at 55+ communities where most of them do not have kids living there.

Adding an elevator to your home adds value to your home and adds style and charm. While it provides safety to you and your guests, your guests will be impressed by the craftsmanship of the elevator you choose. You can select the type; glass, wood, metal, or a combination of wood and glass or steel. You can also choose where in the house the elevator will go without having to remodel. You can also select the style when adding to a pre-existing home. But you may be limited to where the elevator can be placed without significant renovations.

No matter what type of your home. A home elevator can provide style, independence, and greater mobility. Even if you use the stairs most of the time. You will have the elevator should you become injured, disabled, or lose mobility.

Home elevators advantages

There are many advantages to a home elevator. It does not matter your age, whether you buy a pre-existing home or build your dream home.

Some advantages of a home elevator include:

  • The safety for you as you age, your parents or grandparents. An elevator can make it more comfortable for your parents or grandparents. When they visit it is much safer for them—no worrying about falling down the stairs.
  • Easier to move heavy, oversized, or several items from one floor to another. Items such as furniture, decorations, or baskets of laundry.
  • As you age, you will not have to remodel or add an elevator.
  • Allows you to keep your independence in your own home as you age.
  • Adds value to your home should you ever sell it.
  • Provides greater mobility should you become injured or disabled and as you age.
  • Adding an elevator during new construction, you can choose where you want it.
  • Adding an elevator to an existing home, it adds resale value, safety, and mobility, style and charm.

Choosing a Utah home elevator is a wise decision to add safety to your home. Allowing you to stay independent in your home as you age.

Types of elevators you can choose

There are several types of elevators to choose from; they run from gearless to pneumatic.

Gearless traction drive elevators are similar to those in most high rises. They run smooth and whisper-quiet; they provide luxury start to finish.

The electro-hydraulic drive system uses a state-of-the-art electronic variable valve assembly. It provides a softer, higher quality lift and comfort without sacrificing value or reliability.

The direct gear drive system provides increased mobility, convenience, and a smooth ride.

The vuelift elevator gives a panoramic view through the glass car. you can see what is going on as you ride between floors in comfort and style.

This type of elevator works by using air to power the elevator car between floors. A small example of this is the drive-through bank tubes. Pneumatic vacuum drives are the same principle but on a larger scale for elevators. This type of elevator is easily adaptable to existing homes.

No matter the style of your home, an elevator may be the wisest choice for aging in place, adding resale value to your home, and keeping your independence and mobility.

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