Elevators for Homes in Reno, Nevada

When you need to make your home in Reno more accessible, get home elevator installation from A+ Elevators & Lifts. Reno is a beautiful place to live, and when you become a wheelchair user, it’s not necessary to move to an accessible apartment or a home on one level when you could get a home elevator instead. Stay in the home you know and love, and make it easy on yourself by getting a residential elevator.

The Value of Home Elevators

An elevator can seem like an invaluable tool to a wheelchair user, but they are also attractive home additions to non-wheelchair users. That’s why home elevator installation can boost your property values 10% or more. In Reno, the average home costs almost $550,000, so the increase is significant.

Reno Nevada

Reno, Nevada

While some homeowners opt for more utilitarian-style home elevators, we often build elevators that are so beautiful they become the focal point of the home. When you work with A+ Elevators & Lifts, you can completely customize your home elevator with glass, mirrors, wood paneling, bronze accents and other fabulous features.

Additionally, you can choose to locate your elevator anywhere in your Reno home — you don’t have to put it near a stairway. Our clients love the flexibility that residential elevators provide.

Residential Elevators Are a Safe Choice

Although wheelchair lifts for stairs are complete safe when they are properly installed, some wheelchair users dislike their open construction and prefer the enclosed space of an elevator. Elevators are easy to access and operate and they move between floors quickly.

Residential elevators also have a significantly higher weight limit than wheelchair lifts, so a caregiver, friend or family member can ride in the elevator along with the wheelchair user. This is one of the reasons elevators increase home values so much — they’re useful for everyone. You can even use your elevator to move heavy items from one floor to another.

Small Home Elevators Increase Independence

Regardless of age or medical condition, no one wants to have to rely on others, especially for something you must do every day such as going up or down stairs. A home elevator helps promote independence by allowing wheelchair users to access other floors in their home without assistance, whenever they wish. Greater independence improves self-reliance and self-esteem, and that makes wheelchair users happier.

Additionally, if they are elders or dealing with a medical condition that’s progressing, a residential elevator can allow them to stay safely at home for longer. Most people prefer to remain in the familiar surroundings of their homes for as long as possible.

Home Elevator Installers in Reno, Nevada

If you are interested in learning more about affordable home elevators, contact A+ Elevators & Lifts today. We will set up a consultation with you to inform you of your options for a residential elevator at your Reno, Nevada, home.

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