Small Home Elevators in Meridian, Idaho

Residents of Meridian, Idaho, know how beautiful it is here. If you have become a wheelchair user and are having difficulty navigating your home, you don’t have to move — you can call the home elevator installers at A+ Elevators & Lifts. We install residential elevators for homeowners in Meridian and the surrounding area.

Residential Elevators Boost Home Values

While your interest in getting a home elevator installed is for your convenience as a wheelchair user, you might be interested to know that residential elevators can increase home values by 10% or more. In Meridian, the average home price is more than a half-million dollars. One Meridian home sold in February of 2021 for more than twice the price it fetched the year before.

Meridian, Idaho

When you’re planning your home elevator installation, you may choose an architecturally attractive design and locate it in the front of your home as a focal point. Alternatively, you may choose a more utilitarian affordable home elevator and locate it in a less noticeable area.

With a residential elevator, you can choose where to put it, unlike a wheelchair lift that has to be installed on the stairway. You can ask for custom design touches as well, such as the type of material used in your home elevator, the lighting and the types of features included.

Home Elevators Are Safe

At A+ Elevators & Lifts, we install elevators that provide a smooth, quiet ride. While open-style wheelchair lifts that are properly installed on stairways are completely safe, they can make some wheelchair users uncomfortable. Residential elevators, on the other hand, are enclosed rooms, and many wheelchair users simply feel safer in an elevator.

Additionally, home elevators can carry much more weight than a wheelchair lift. That means someone can easily ride along with the wheelchair user, whether it’s a family member, caregiver or someone else. In fact, the elevator can be used for other purposes, such as moving heavy items up or down stairs. This is one reason a residential elevator makes a home more valuable — it’s a feature everyone can appreciate and use.

Small Home Elevators Advance Independence

Whether you’ve been a wheelchair user for many years, or you just became one recently, being able to navigate your own home is an important part of being independent. You want to have easy access to all the floors in your home, and that’s what a residential elevator does for you.

Home elevators allow wheelchair users to remain in their own homes safely for longer periods of time. No one wants to give up their home or their independence to move to assisted living, and elevators for homes can make the difference.

Additionally, wheelchair users can experience greater contentment and self-confidence when they get home elevator installation, because they can do more for themselves. Higher self-esteem leads to greater happiness and increased productivity.

Home Elevator Installers in Meridian, Idaho

The home elevator installers at A+ Elevators & Lifts are here to help you make your Meridian, Idaho, home more accessible. Contact us today to learn more about residential elevator installation at your home.

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