Affordable Home Elevators in Boise, Idaho

When you live in a multistory home, it can be difficult to navigate as a wheelchair user. While you can rearrange furniture and widen doorways, you need a solution for getting up and down stairs. A+ Elevators & Lifts installs small home elevators for clients in Boise, Idaho, and the surrounding area. We make homes more accessible.

The Beauty of a Residential Elevator

A home elevator is a practical choice for wheelchair users, but it’s more than that. We design home elevators with an artistic flair that can boost the value of your home 10% or more. In Boise, the average home price is about $355,000, so that’s a significant amount of money — possibly enough to recoup the cost of elevator installation. You can choose to add your elevator to the front of your home as an architectural feature, or you can add a more utilitarian small home elevator in a less conspicuous area.

Boise, Idaho

The bottom line is that you can add your residential elevator anywhere you wish at your home — you aren’t bound to building your access point at the stairs. Many of our clients appreciate this flexibility and locate their home elevators accordingly.

Elevators for Homes Promote Safety

While wheelchair lifts properly installed on stairways are safe, many wheelchair users feel safer in an elevator. Because a home elevator is an enclosed room and a stairway wheelchair lift is more open (though they do have safety bars and secure borders), many wheelchair users are more comfortable in an elevator. The buttons are easy to press and it is not necessary to hold them down for the entire ride. Plus, our home elevators provide a smooth ride, and operation is extremely quiet.

Residential elevators also have a much higher weight limit than wheelchair lifts. A caretaker or companion can ride the elevator with the wheelchair user, and your home elevator can even be used for other purposes such as moving items upstairs easily instead of carrying them.

Residential Home Elevators Help with Independence

Regardless of your age or the reason you are in a wheelchair, you goal is to remain as independent as possible and to be able to do as much for yourself as you can. A home elevator allows you to have more control over your life at your Boise home for longer.

Few people want to give up the familiarity of the home they have lived in for years to move to a residence that provides assistance. A home elevator gives you back your confidence and your autonomy, improving your outlook and your self-esteem.

Boise Home Elevator Installers

A+ Elevators & Lifts installs affordable home elevators for residents of Boise, Idaho, and the surrounding area. We also install LULA elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and freight elevators. Contact us today to learn more about getting a residential elevator installed in your Boise home.

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