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Idaho Home Elevators – In Idaho, temperatures range from the high 20s to the low 40s during the daytime in the winter months. Those temperatures mean slips and falls. Those slips and falls cause injuries that lower your mobility. Yet, there is a solution for mobility problems.

Whether you are part of the roughly 17% of the elderly population of Idaho or have mobility issues, a home elevator or wheelchair lift  be the solution. That 17% will begin to rise as more elderly as the baby boomers age into retirement.

With aging come all the aches, pains, and stiffness of arthritis, along with the loss of balance as we age. Or you may have had a ski or sled accident that has left you with a broken leg or worse. These all make it harder to go up and downstairs. But, luckily a home elevator may just be what the doctor ordered.

You can live in a single-family home or a large house that has several generations living together. Or you may be a renter, but you can still benefit from an elevator. Other people who can benefit from a home elevator include wounded veterans, people who have suffered a stroke, and more.

The homes being built in Idaho range from brick, wood, stucco to townhomes, cabins, cottages, and custom-built homes. However, there are also older and historically preserved homes. Any of these homes can benefit from a home elevator. There is an elevator that can fit most existing homes, even the older historical style homes.

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Advantages to a home elevator in Idaho

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There are several advantages to a home elevator, some of which include:

  • It provides excellent mobility to the elderly and disabled.
  • Will add style and value to your home
  • Elevators make it easier to move large items, decorations, or baskets of clothes between floors.
  • An elevator will add resale value to your home.
  • Increases property value.
  • Gives greater safety to aging parents or grandparents and disabled persons. No worries about falling downstairs.
  • Allows you to stay in your home longer as you age.
  • Whether your house is two stories or four, you can get an elevator that fits.

Imagine not having to lug baskets of laundry or boxes of decorations for the holidays up and down the stairs. You won’t have to worry about elderly parents or grandparents tripping and falling down the stairs. That peace of mind is priceless.

It all depends on how many floors your home has. Most of us tend to use our basement for added living space today. Whether it is laundry and office or laundry and a family room or bedroom, the elevator is a great way to get to it. You can even have the elevator go from your basement up one level or three levels to the attic

Types of elevators you can choose

There are several types of elevators to choose from; they run from gearless to pneumatic.

Gearless traction drive elevators

Gearless traction drive elevators are similar to those in most high rises. They run smooth and whisper-quiet; they provide luxury from start to finish.

The electro-hydraulic drive system uses an electronic variable valve assembly. It provides a smoother, higher-quality ride and luxury without losing value or dependability.

The direct gear drive system provides increased mobility, convenience, and a smooth ride.

Vuelift elevator

The vuelift elevator gives a panoramic view through the glass car. You can see what is going on as you ride between floors in comfort and style.

This type of elevator works by using air to power the elevator car between floors. This type of elevator is easily adaptable to existing homes.

Whether you are building your forever home or buying an existing home, there are choices in elevators you can have installed. Yes, adding an elevator to a new home build is easier than putting one in an existing home. However, adding to an existing home does not have to require a significant renovation.

With this many styles of elevators, no matter the type of your Idaho home, an elevator may be the wisest choice for aging in place, adding resale value, and keeping your independence and mobility.

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