Home Elevator Installation in Denver, Colorado

As a wheelchair user, getting a residential elevator installed at your Denver, Colorado, home can make a big difference in your quality of life, allowing you to move freely between the floors of your home whenever you wish. A+ Elevators & Lifts, our home elevator installers make homes more accessible in Denver and the surrounding area.

Elevators for Homes in Denver

Homes in Denver are some of the most expensive in the U.S., and adding an elevator to your home can increase its value 10% or more. The average home price in Denver is $600,000, so your improved home values may even cover the cost of your elevator installation.

Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado

A residential elevator can be installed anywhere in your home — you are not limited to the stair area. Additionally, you can customize your elevator, choosing the materials, size, lighting and more. We have designed some architecturally beautiful elevators that have become the focal point of the home. However, some clients prefer a more utilitarian, affordable home elevator that is located in an out-of-the-way area.

Residential elevators have a much higher weight limit than a wheelchair lift, so others can ride along in the elevator with the wheelchair user. One reason an elevator is so important to home values is because it is so handy and convenient for any homeowner, whether you’re moving heavy items or you simply want to impress your friends.

Residential Elevators Are Safe

Although open-style wheelchair lifts are 100% safe when correctly installed on stairways, many wheelchair users are simply more comfortable in an elevator.

Operation is easy, even for those who have limited use of their fingers. The single raised button makes it simple to activate.

Elevators in Homes Further Independence

Regardless of the age of the wheelchair user, the more they can do for themselves, the better off they are. No one wants to depend on others, especially for something as ordinary as going up or down stairs. A small home elevator gives you ready access to all the floors of your Denver home at any time. Having this kind of independence helps ensure that you can stay in your home for longer. Most homeowners do not look forward to the day they give up their home, especially if they are moving to assisted living. A home elevator helps delay this possibility.

It also improves a wheelchair user’s self-confidence and attitude because it allows them to move about at will and take care of more of their needs on their own.

Denver Home Elevator Installers

To learn more about getting a residential elevator installed at your Denver home, contact A+ Elevators & Lifts today. We will set up a consultation with you to explain your options.

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