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A+ Elevators and Lifts has been servicing the home elevator needs in Colorado for the past 10 years. We service the Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, Fort Collins, Lakewood, Aspen, Grand Junction and Greely markets from our office location in Glenwood Springs. As one of the largest residential and commercial elevator teams we bring years of experience to any project and look forward to hearing from you to solve any mobility issues that arise.

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Colorado Home Elevators – Living in Colorado, you know that roughly 12% of the state’s population is retirees. Approximately 1/3 of Colorado’s population is 50 years and over. These numbers will increase as more of the baby boomers reach retirement age.

As we age, we all know that mobility can become an issue with arthritis and other aging illnesses. Whatever style of home you live in, a home elevator could be a benefit. Typical types of homes in Colorado run from bungalow style or large old multistory Victorian-style homes. Whether your house has a basement and the main floor or several floors, using an elevator to go between floors is safer than the stairs. There are plenty of styles of elevators to choose from, so you can have an elevator without a significant renovation.

From elderly parents, grandparents to kids, we want to keep them safe. But using an elevator or wheelchair lift can keep the rest of the family safe as well when moving large, heavy items, baskets of laundry, or boxes of decorations or books. An elevator can save you back injuries, falls down the stairs, and more.

Colorado’s average temperature during winter is low to mid-40s for highs and low 20s for lows. You know this means ice. Ice means slips and falls that break bones. However, summertime hiking can also mean broken ankles and leg bones. If you live in a home without an elevator, you will be stuck on one floor or have difficulty navigating the stairs.

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Pros of a home elevator

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The pros of a home elevator are:

  • Colorado home elevators provide safety
  • Allows for independence and remaining at home as you age
  • Easy to navigate between floors when injured, disabled, or elderly
  • Adds resale value to the home
  • Easy to install
  • Adds style and charm to your home
  • Raises your property value

Whether it is two floors or four, a home elevator can allow you independence. Especially if you wish to stay in your home as you age.

Types of elevators you can choose

There are several types of elevators to choose from; they run from gearless to pneumatic.

Gearless traction drive elevators

Gearless traction drive elevators are similar to those in most high rises. They run smooth and whisper-quiet; they provide luxury from start to finish.

The electro-hydraulic drive system uses a state-of-the-art electronic variable valve assembly. It provides a softer, higher-quality lift and comfort without sacrificing value or reliability.

The direct gear drive system provides increased mobility, convenience, and a smooth ride.

The vuelift elevator gives a panoramic view through the glass car. You can see what is going on as you ride between floors in comfort and style.

This type of elevator works by using air to power the elevator car between floors. A small example of this is the drive-through bank tubes. Pneumatic vacuum drives are the same principle but on a larger scale for elevators. This type of elevator is easily adaptable to existing homes.

Building a home or existing home elevators

Whether you are building your forever home or own a home already, you can find a Colorado Home Elevator or wheelchair lift to fit your needs.

Obviously, if building a home, you have more choice on where to place the elevator. With an existing home, you can find room for an elevator with some minor renovations. Some styles of elevators require little remodeling, while others may require a bit more.

One thing is for sure; a home elevator can bring you peace of mind through the years. Peace of mind that everyone is safe from a fall down the stairs. Peace of mind, you can stay in your home for years to come. You will have independence and mobility regardless of your age, disability, or injury.

The Pneumatic vacuum is a good choice for smaller homes. The vuelift may also work in smaller dwellings. With a larger home, a better option might be the electro-hydraulic drive or the Gearless traction drive.

Having an elevator can allow you to join the family in the basement game room and more. It is all about independence, and the more we have, the better we feel. Amazingly, we do not think of mobility until we lose it.

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