Elevate Me

A+ ELEVATORS ON THE RISE Part of the appeal of an elevator is the intimacy. The passenger elevator initially found its place in history with its success in hotels in the mid-1800s. It created an experience that separated it from the business world of the early Wall Street types in New York City. Later, when the elevator was introduced into the retail world, it was primarily to provide a safe and smooth ride to the upper floors, yet one of its earliest riders remembered it this way. “You enter a charming little room nicely carpeted, around three sides of which [...]

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The Flying Chair

SOARING WITH A+ ELEVATORS Modern man may take for granted the mechanism that takes us up 100 floors or more in buildings around the world, perhaps because the rudimentary elements of the elevator have been around since ancient Rome. Early elevators were open cars or platforms with pulley systems that were manually operated by animals, people, or water wheels and used mostly as a means to transport heavy materials. It was not until the mid-eighteenth century that the first passenger elevator was designed. King Louis XV had the first elevator in his residence in Versailles. Thought to be the [...]

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