Wheelchair Lifts Mean Independence

Wheelchair Lifts Mean Independence - If you or a loved one has found it more difficult to move around your home, you know how debilitating this situation can be. If you’ve lived in a home with a staircase for years, it can be heartbreaking to have to think about moving out due to physical limitations. It can also be difficult if a loved one uses a wheelchair and wants to come to visit or stay with you since it is incredibly difficult for them to go upstairs. Wheelchair lifts can get rid of these difficulties and give you or [...]

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Types of Commercial Freight Lifts

Types of Commercial Freight Lifts - If you move heavy materials at your place of business, you likely know how important freight lifts are to your operations. If you are in the market for a freight lift, you need to know what type of lift works best for your needs. Today we’re going to go over some of the most common types of freight lifts and what they are typically used for. M1504 Freight Lifts The M1504 freight lift is used to move different types of materials up multiple levels. These lifts can transport up to 1000 [...]

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What is a LULA elevator?

What is a LULA Elevator - Commercial Limited Use/Limited Access (LULA) elevators have become a new form of transportation for disabled persons in office buildings, universities, and even hospitals. Many people assume that a LULA elevator is the same as a traditional elevator, although that is not quite the case. Today we will show you what a LULA elevator is, why you might need one, and how we can help you find and install the right elevator for you and your business. What’s the Difference Between LULA Elevators and Regular Elevators? At first glance, a LULA elevator looks quite [...]

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Is a Pneumatic Home Elevator Right for You?

Is a pneumatic home elevator the right choice for you? That will depend on several factors. Two of those factors are they are low-maintenance and saves energy. If you are concerned about the environment and saving energy, then a pneumatic home elevator is the right choice for you. Choosing a pneumatic home elevator If you are building or renovating your dream home, then a home elevator should be considered. When selecting a lift, consider the following: Budget Maintenance Energy expense Safety Installation A Plus Elevators can help you determine if a pneumatic elevator is a right choice for you. [...]

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Panoramic Glass Elevator Adds Functionality and Style

Whether you are building or updating your forever home, a panoramic glass Savaria Vuelift home elevator can add functionality and style to your home. This elevator comes in round or octagonal that offers 360 degrees of sight to the user. It allows for unobstructed views on every floor. It has a choice of three primary colors, but any color can be ordered. The three main colors are white, black, and silver. How does it work? The Savaria vuelift glass panoramic elevator works with a geared winding drum. It will lift the standard 840 pounds or 950 pounds. It has a [...]

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Is a Home Elevator Worth It?

If you have mobility issues yes it is worth it. While a stair-lift is good the home elevator can provide more mobility to those in wheelchairs, allowing them to go to upper levels of the home they cannot get to without the elevator. The soldier who has prosthetic limbs or is in a wheelchair, sports injury to the legs, grandparents who may not have the balance they used to will all find a home elevator worth it. Benefits of a home elevator What are the benefits of a home elevator? Greater mobility Safety Convenience You can age [...]

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Wheelchair Lifts at Home

Do you think using a wheelchair makes living in a multi-level home impractical? Think again. When you need a mobility aid to move around or simply struggle with stairs, residential wheelchair lifts make travel between floors safe and easy. Skipping the Stairs For people with unfettered mobility, stairs offer a simple, convenient way to move between levels. However, if you have mobility issues, a flight of stairs presents a serious obstacle. Why risk a fall or confine yourself to a single floor unnecessarily? Wheelchair lifts at home offer a solid solution that allows you to safely go where [...]

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Home Elevators Solve Mobility Issues

Home Elevators Solve Mobility Issues - Your kitchen is on the ground floor. The master bedroom is located on the second level, and your favorite escape is a room situated high above it all on your home's top floor. In the past, you traveled between them with ease, but mobility issues related to injury or aging are slowing you down now. While you could forgo your favorite spaces and limit yourself to one floor of your home or move to a smaller property, you don't have to. Home elevators solve mobility issues, allowing you to stay safely, comfortably and stylishly [...]

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Custom Home Elevators – A+ Rising Up

A+ ELEVATORS PROVIDES SERVICE & INGENUITY By Victoria Plasse “We want the elevator to be a feature of the home, a piece that can be shown off with pride, not a piece of mechanical equipment you hide behind closed doors.” –Chris Harris, Owner, A+ Elevators Serving the Northern Rockies and beyond, A+ Elevators is the principal manufacturer of high-end custom home elevators as well as a provider of low-rise commercial elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters, freight lifts, and accessibility equipment. Chris Harris, the owner of A+ Elevators, was destined to build the number-one elevator business. How he got there was a [...]

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Mobility Solutions At Home

Mobility Solutions at Home Being safe at home isn't just a baseball thing. It's a fundamental ideal. We expect our homes to be a refuge where we find shelter, security, and comfort from the hassles and hardships of the world. Unfortunately, illness, injury or age-related changes that impact mobility can transform the familiar turf of your home into a dangerous place, especially if your home has staircases that connect multiple levels. A recent study in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine found that on average, more than one million Americans are treated in emergency departments for stair-related injuries each [...]

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