A+ Commitment To The Cause


The journey of today’s A+ Elevators & Lifts began in 2000 when the founding member, Chris Harris, entered into the elevator industry as a mechanics helper working on elevator and lifting systems. Formally an auto-technician, Chris already understood the necessities of mechanical and electrical systems. On his first day, Chris was sent to work on a vertical platform wheelchair lift in a small assisted living center. He didn’t know much about lifting systems at the time, but his willingness to grow and learn elevator systems has turned him into one of the most knowledgeable and respected persons in the elevator industry today.

Chris Harris

In 2009, one of the largest retailers of elevators and lifts in North America—and the company Harris had worked for since graduating high school—closed its doors. Chris had one of those “Uh-oh, this is all I know,” moments. The way he saw it, he had two choices: he could go to work for an elevator manufacturing company out of the country and leave behind the area where he grew up along with all his family and friends, or he could go into business for himself.

Chris says, “When that company closed, it left a huge gap in the North American elevator market, so there was definitely opportunity.” To open his own shop, Chris had to take action. “I sold two vehicles, cashed in a 401k and a retirement fund to get some start-up capital, and I put all my personal assets up as collateral.” In other words, he was “all-in” from the start.

compass on a blueprint

It’s that same sort of commitment to the cause that has made Chris and his A+ team successful. “We put quality and safety first, rather than saving a dollar,” says Chris. Holding various patents on elevator products and components, A+ Elevators & Lifts strives to provide the most current technology, safest and highest quality products available. “A+ provides highly-trained engineers and design professionals to keep our clients aware of the recommended design and safety features. Our clients are encouraged to research the products we offer. We hope that they will find value within our products (not only financially, but with passenger safety in mind as well, including our patented child-safety designs). Our highly-educated and professional staff is available to answer any questions regarding products and/or safety concerns.”

With over 130 years of combined elevator experience, our staff consists of highly educated & trained personnel who hold valuable certifications and licenses which include Certified Elevator Inspectors (QEI), Certified Elevator Technicians (CET), Certified Accessibility & Private Residence Lift Technicians (CAT), Licensed Elevator Mechanics and Licensed Elevator Electricians including certified supervisors for some of these internationally recognized educational programs. Members of our staff have been on past elevator engineering and design teams, which to date, these individuals combined have designed a total of four separate elevator systems for homes and certain commercial use.

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