Immediate Release

A+ Elevators is a full-service Home Elevator and Lift Company that does both sales and service.

Chris Harris the Presidents of A+ Elevators is pleased to announce the expansion of their services and sales resources to the people of Las Vegas and Reno Nevada. Chris says “Our home elevator & lift installation teams are the absolute best in the business solving in-home mobility problems for more than 20-years.” The A+ services are available now in both cities as well as rural areas surrounding each city.

A+ Elevators began in 2009 when the company Chris Harris worked for closed its doors. Since then, he has built the business hiring people with experience and knowledge that give A+ Elevators 130 years of combined knowledge and experience in elevators and lifts.

“We put quality and safety first, rather than saving a dollar,” says Chris. He also states “we strive to provide the most current technology, safest and highest quality products available. Provide highly-trained engineers and design professionals to keep our clients aware of the recommended design and safety features. Our clients are encouraged to research the products we offer. We hope that they will find value within our products (not only financially, but with passenger safety in mind as well, including our patented child-safety designs). Our highly-educated and professional staff is available to answer any questions regarding products and/or safety concerns.”

The A+ staff is made up of highly educated & trained personnel who hold valuable certifications and licenses which include Certified Elevator Inspectors (QEI), Certified Elevator Technicians (CET), Certified Accessibility & Private Residence Lift Technicians (CAT), Licensed Elevator Mechanics and Licensed Elevator Electricians including certified supervisors for some of these internationally recognized educational programs.

A+ Elevators offers sales and service to not only residential homes but to the commercial and small business market as well. They offer Gearless Drive System, Electro-hydraulic Drive System, Direct Drive System, Vuelift, and Pneumatic Vacuum Drive System for residential elevators.

Before expanding into Nevada, A+ has serviced the Utah, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming markets as one of the top providers in each state. Chris says “if you are thinking of adding an elevator to your home for any reason call us 702-330-4005. Our staff can help you with the right fit for your needs and your home.” He continued with “there are many reasons that someone would want an elevator in their home. It could be for a disabled person, an elderly parent or grandparent or it could just be to make life easier for everyone in the household. Whatever the reason our staff can help you decide which type will best suit you and your needs.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, a home elevator can be a real asset when listing a home. Especially for those who are looking to buy their forever home. The elevator can be a draw as they know they will always be able to get between floors without taking the stairs and will not have to give up their home in their golden years just because they are not as steady on their feet.

A Plus Elevators