Welcome to A+ Elevators & Lifts, Your Custom Elevator Company.

A+ Elevators & Lifts designs, builds and installs custom residential elevators for clients in cities throughout the Rocky Mountain West, including Salt Lake City, West Valley City, Billings, Reno, Las Vegas, Denver, Colorado Springs and Boise. We have more than 130 years of combined experience in the elevator industry, making us one of the most knowledgeable and talented home elevator installers in business today.

Elevator construction is definitely a niche industry. Building an elevator is technical and specific skill and requires the expertise of certified elevator mechanics. Most elevators are built in municipal, commercial or residential apartment buildings, where the elevator shafts are already part of the design. With elevators for homes, builders have much more to consider. We ask our clients where they would like their small home elevator installed, but we also give our recommendations about what would work best with your home’s current design.

home elevator

Our designs for the elevators themselves also run the gamut. We have built some truly beautiful elevators that are prominently featured in homes or even serve as the focal point. We can do that for you, or we can build a simple, affordable home elevator that meets your needs as a wheelchair user.

Although we are first and foremost home elevator installers, our main goal is providing convenience and accessibility. That’s why we also build and install LULA elevators, wheelchair lifts, dumbwaiters and freight lifts for both residential and commercial customers.

If you need to move people or objects from one level to another, A+ Elevators and Lifts can make it happen for you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

My experience with A+ Elevators and Lifts was flawless … not one single hiccup. The elevator and cab were installed in one 12-hour day. The ride is quiet and super-smooth. I am beyond impressed and happy with the final product. It has been worth every penny spent. I am 70 years old and due to my bad back and spinal fusion, I have a hard time navigating stairs. So this is the perfect solution. I cannot say enough positives about A+ Elevators, the owner, Chris Harris, and his crew (Justin Hansen and Dillan Jelitto) on this project. My 1 1/2-year-old Schnauzer even loves riding the elevator. I would highly recommend you give A+ Elevators a call if you need an elevator in your home.

Sheryl Jones

I have done a lot of business with Chris and his team over at A plus and they are simply the best when it comes to custom elevators. I could not say enough about their professionalism and integrity when it comes to doing business. Call these guys next time you need an elevator or lift and you will not be disappointed.

Coby Strom