Electro-Hydraulic Drive System

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Traditional hydraulic elevators utilize a low quality single-valve assembly for elevator speed transitions. This system creates a rough ride which will transfer into the passenger??'s body and create internal stress.

A+ ELEVATORS & LIFTS uses a triple-valve assembly for a smoother and higher quality ride, bringing forward comfort without sacrificing quality and reliability.

The flexibility of the electro-hydraulic drive system allows you to locate the machine room adjacent to the hoistway or in a remote location at any floor. Built using the same design criteria used in commercial and industrial elevator manufacturing, these standards alone make it the right product for your home. This system utilizes the same electro-hydraulic drive technology built into commercial elevator systems and is every bit as safe and reliable as any commercial elevator. We stand behind our workmanship with a three-year warranty.

Our electro-hydraulic residential elevator system offers is a high quality lift system and requires hydraulic oil to run smoothly. A+ ELEVATORS & LIFTS utilizes an earth-friendly approach to this by using EnviroTech hydraulic oils. EnviroTech hydraulic oils are vegetable-based formulations that have been engineered to meet or exceed the performance requirements of most hydraulic pump and system manufacturers, while satisfying the rigorous criteria for biodegradability and toxicity. They offer the anti-wear and film strength characteristics necessary for hydraulic systems operating under high load and high pressure.

Electro-Hydraulic Standard Features:

  • Electro-Hydraulic Drive
  • 950 lbs. lift capacity standard (up to 1400 lbs. on certain models)
  • 40 FPM nominal operating speed (up to 65 FPM on certain models)
  • Programmable micro-processor control system
  • Custom cab to match the décor of your home
  • Patented Child-Safe Tambour Car Door System
  • Cab size: up to 18 sq. feet (Up to 21 sq. feet on certain models)
  • Battery operated emergency operating system
  • Battery operated emergency lighting
  • 2-8 stops with up to 50 feet of travel
  • Loads are transferred to the pit floor through the guide rails
  • Separate machine room with location flexibility

Optional Features:

  • Exotic cab upgrades to compliment the décor of your home
  • Multi-speed Horizontally Sliding Car Door System(s)
  • Multi-speed Horizontally Sliding Hoistway Door Systems
  • Automated Car Door System(s)
  • Automated Hoistway Door Systems
  • Custom control integration in your homes "Smart Home" system
  • Security Systems
    • Key locks
    • Keypads
    • Interfaces to external security systems